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Slashdot – Their motto is “News for nerds. Many of these sites fall into the amorphous category known as Web 2. 0 — sites that allow more user interactivity, 1945 vannevar bush essay, tagging, networking, collaboration, etc.

0 Directories: Most Comprehensive Web 2. Some of these sites are actually aimed at serious professionals. Foursquare – Let your friends know where you are. Friendster – One of the first such sites. Works with more than 80 “channels.

See some shared recipes to get the idea. Pinboard – Known as “antisocial bookmarking,” because it lets you keep your bookmarks private. Similar to social bookmarking sites, these services let you save whole pages and read them later. Some of the social bookmarking sites above let you archive pages for a fee. Readability – “Turns any web page into a clean view for reading now or later on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Wiki software allows a group to work on a Web site collaboratively.