Bodega dreams research paper

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Willie Bodega was once told by the love of his life that he had no vision for the future. Bodega dreams research paper may have been the event in his life that was revolutionary.

To many people looking from the outside in Willie Bodega may have been seen as a drug lord, but he was much more than that. Willie developed a vision for the community, he was going to turn it around. He took beat up buildings renovated them and rented them out to people who would support him. He helped many young men and women go to college. I too was skeptical of Willie Bodega as he just seemed like a dreamer. But upon digging further and getting to know the man I started to realize that maybe he does know what he’s doing.

He even moved me and my wife to a bigger and better place for half the rent. But what does Bodega want in return? He wants the community to prosper and for people to get what they were promised when they first moved here from their island. Bodega was just a man trying to win over his true love, and he was willing to do whatever it takes to get that. He had been told by his former girl friend that he had the vision for things politics related, but he had no vision for how to get money and that he was going to be poor the rest of his life. She ended up marrying someone else who was a rich Cuban. This was a life changing event for Willie as he set out to prove her wrong and to one day hopefully win her back.

Bodega and Nazario started to build the community up block by block until Bodega’s death. Willie was loyal to the streets and his community right up until his death. Only fairly recently in history have researchers began to scientifically study the dreaming process. The hands small and delicate like the hands of big children, and the averted faces smooth and beardless. So this means that he was dreaming about the kids. Some people would argue that the American Dream actually really consists only of being able to buy and own a home, but to me it is so much more! Once again my knowledge of VCU’s online library research system came in handy.