Business intelligence in healthcare case study

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Special reports Our free reports provide executives with practical business information on macroeconomic events, country affairs and issues affecting industries. Index This service harnesses real-time intelligence on business intelligence in healthcare case study oil exports from OPEC and Russia, set against market-leading forecasts for global oil consumption, to provide a leading indicator of the adequacy of global oil supplies. We help healthcare organisations to build and maintain successful and sustainable business. Together with our two specialised consultancies, Bazian and Clearstate, EIU Healthcare provides customised research, analysis and recommendations across the healthcare ecosystem.

Helping payors, insurers and their partners to build healthcare ecosystems that optimise value. How we can help Whether you’re looking to grow in an emerging market or to optimise your established business we can engage with you and assist at every stage of your planning. Developing new products and services to address the unmet needs of emerging economies and value based health. EIU Healthcare has a thorough understanding of the healthcare ecosystem. Our healthcare analysts all have deep insight into the healthcare system. EIU Healthcare brings The EIU’s unrivalled macroeconomic analysis and forecasting capabilities together with sector-specific intelligence from two leading healthcare research companies, Bazian and Clearstate.

Bazian specialises in evidence-based analysis of drugs, devices and healthcare services. Using internationally recognised scientific and statistical methods, it establishes the clinical outcomes and value for money proposition offered. Clearstate helps firms better understand the current and potential markets for their business. Clearstate’s team of researchers recommends solutions for clients through analysis of hard-to-gather facts, and a systematic and seasoned understanding of markets.

EIU Healthcare draws on the unique data contained within The EIU’s global macroeconomic and demographic databases, and interrogates them using the skill and experience of our trained clinicians and healthcare professionals, to provide truly insightful analysis not available anywhere else. Clearstate’s Gateway database is the only source of precise up-to-date medical device usage data in Asia Pacific. We believe that versatile access to depth and granularity in usage data is critical in identifying opportunities as competition intensifies. Since 1946 The EIU has informed governments and industry with world-renowned analytic, econometric and strategic advisory services. Clients work with us because we are not afraid to tell them what we really think.

We never pander to internal agendas or work to buttress some preconceived strategy. EIU Healthcare offers a bespoke service. We are a broker of information and intelligence to all parties in the healthcare ecosystem. Whether you are a supplier, provider, payor, insurer, or sponsor you can be assured of an unbiased, unparalleled and personalised service, as the world has come to expect from The EIU. Clients We are trusted by a growing base of clients in pharma, medtech and healthcare services.

The Economist Intelligence Unit has developed a detailed macroeconomic model factoring inter alia, province-level income breakdowns, personal wealth, government policies and the insurance landscape. Leveraging our proprietary data and macroeconomic forecasting capabilities, we have been able to offer robust analysis of the demand for specific therapies at a subnational level within emerging markets. Novo Nordisk asked The Economist Intelligence Unit to calculate the economic cost of diabetes worldwide. The client wanted us to quantify the economic burden of disease in specific emerging and developed countries in order to fully understand the scale of the problem. Our in-house team of country analysts and skilled macroeconomists developed methodologically solid estimates and forecasts across a variety of markets. Our client lacked existing products to access China’s fast-growing primary care and home healthcare segments. It asked us to undertake high-level discussions with government policymakers and advisory boards on development directions.

We conducted in-depth concept tests with decision-makers and clinicians on product attractiveness and viability, as well as trade-off analysis to gauge the importance of price versus features. Our client, a leading pharmaceutical company with a portfolio of drugs in chronic pain management, wanted us to review regulatory regimes governing how the cost of sick leave is shared in 17 European countries and to provide an assessment of quantitative information on the cost of chronic pain. The World Bank wanted to stimulate debate around public-private interactions in Sub-Saharan African healthcare systems, to generate policy reform and attention, ultimately seeking to boost healthcare investment levels and efficacy in the region. We prepared data visualisation and comparisons for report country pages and liaised with journalists at The Economist to help to make the report more accessible to policymakers and the general public. Our client wanted to evaluate the cost of providing vaccines to Sub-Saharan African countries.