Certified nurse anesthesist program

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The army CRNA program’s mission is to produce competent individuals to provide expert services in nursing anesthesia. The aspiring CRNA is expected certified nurse anesthesist program work within medical establishments in times of peace and war.

The Army has been producing top CRNAs for over 50 years through partnerships and affiliations with universities in the country. Registered nurses in the army are given opportunities to pursue specialized training as a nurse anesthesist. This will ensure that army CRNAs are ready to be deployed in the event of war, disasters and international medical missions. After completing the army CRNA program, graduates will become eligible for the certification examination for nurse anesthesists. You are also expected to be on active duty for the duration of the CRNA program. You must have a GPA of at least 3. 0 to qualify for the army CRNA program.

This includes 60 hours of credit. The army also requires applicants to have at least one year working experience as a nurse in critical care settings. For civilians who are not a member of any armed forces, you are expected to be placed on duty after completion of the army CRNA program. You should also have at least one year experience as a nurse in acute care settings or critical care departments in accredited hospitals.