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Below are cover letter samples sent by campaigners in the past, in case you are looking for some ideas on what to write. Best just to introduce yourself in an efficient manner, cover letter spanish interpreter the most important points in a concise and clear style.

I am writing to you to introduce myself and to inform you of my interest in becoming part of your company as an English to French translator. The enclosed resume provides information about my previous experience, training, education and skills. What describes me best is my ability to translate in a well-written French that sounds natural and professional whilst being, dare I say, elegant. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. I am a German to English freelance translator based in Müncheberg, Brandenburg, Germany and would like to offer my services to your company. International Business Studies and my work experience in the communications, external affairs and human resources departments of several multinational companies. I currently work as a part-time content manager and proofreader for the European Space Agency’s Telecommunications B2B website.

I also have a diploma in copywriting. I can offer expert translation of business documents, such as annual reports, marketing texts, brochures, communications, newsletters, web content or presentation materials. Please refer to my resume for further information. With each project I undertake, I guarantee high quality work delivered on deadline. If you think you could benefit from my services, I would be delighted to hear from you.

I am very interested in a position with your respected company, and I am certain that my experience and employment background will serve your clients well. Over the past several years my robust employment experience in different fields and demand for my translation skills has earned me a broad range of knowledge in many areas. For 8 years I have been working as a translator for various clients and in different subjects. In particular I was heavily involved in a long-term project with Eilly Lilly, managing the translation of more than 50,000 medical-related documents.

My broad experience in many aspects of the translation process has taught me the importance of continual research and I enjoy the challenge that this profession offers. 03 USD per source word for translation and . Looking forward to hearing from you. I am an English-Hungarian freelance translator and, my native language is Hungarian. My fields of specialisation are: business, marketing and law.

I use Trados Freelance 2007, Trados Suite 2009 and MemoQ. My daily capacity is 2000 words. I have been working as a freelance translator in the language combination of German to English since 1997. I have had a bilingual upbringing, spending the first 19 years of my life in Germany, where I have completed my A-level equivalent education.

Since August 1997, I have been living, working and studying in the UK, mostly in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Brighton. I am writing to you today because I would like to offer you my services as a freelance translator. I am a qualified translator with a university degree in English and Spanish, my mother tongue is German and I have been working as a freelance translator for the past 7 years. Having specialised in the areas of legal, economic and medical texts, I have gathered substantial experience in the translation of contracts, lawyers’ correspondence, court documents, financial reports, press releases and clinical studies.

My customers are translation agencies as well as companies and organisations of different sizes and industries. I am very flexible in terms of working hours and workload because I am prepared to work late and also on weekends in case of urgent projects. I love my job and you can rely on me to make every effort to deliver a high quality translation while keeping the agreed deadline. Quality and reliability are of utmost importance to me. 0,10 Euro per word of the source text. Attached I am sending you my CV which contains more information about my qualifications and experience.

In case you are interested in working with me, I would be happy to hear from you! Translating has become more of a passion than a job to me. I enjoy the constant intellectual challenge it offers. It is an activity where I can make full use of my language potential and skills. I am diligent, resourceful and quick. It would be a pleasure to collaborate with you.