Critical thinking and clinical judgment in nursing

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What best defines the nursing process? A method to ensure that the physicians orders are implemented correctly. A series of assessments critical thinking and clinical judgment in nursing isolate a patients health problem. A framework for the organization of individualized nursing care.

A preset formula for the design of nursing care. The nursing process is a framework by which to organize individualized nursing care. All of the following patients have been admitted to the acute care setting. On admission, which patient should receive a focused assessment? A patient with a perforated ulcer is considered to be critically ill.

Therefore, this patient should receive a focused assessment. The remaining options are not considered critical illnesses. What subjective data does the nurse record following a head-to-toe examination? Another term for subjective data is symptoms, which cannot be observed or measured. This data must come from the patient.

What objective data should the nurse include after a patient assessment? Objective data are observable and measurable by people other than the patient. What is classified as information provided by the family when a patient is unable to provide data during assessment? What are the two primary methods used to collect data?

The two primary methods of collecting data are interviewing and physical examination. What is the major difference between these diagnoses? The second diagnosis needs no defined nursing interventions. The second diagnosis needs medical intervention. The second diagnosis will not need to be evaluated.