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Jump to navigation Jump to search Not to be confused with Compal Electronics. 1982 that developed, sold, and supported computers and related products and services. The company was formed by Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto former Texas Instruments senior managers. Prior to its takeover the company was headquartered in a facility in northwest unincorporated Harris County, Texas, that hewlett packard case study deskjet continues as HP’s largest United States facility.

Compaq was founded in February 1982 by Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto, three senior managers from semiconductor manufacturer Texas Instruments. Unlike many startups, Compaq differentiated its offerings from the many other IBM clones by not focusing mainly on price, but instead concentrating on new features, such as portability and better graphics displays as well as performance—and all at prices comparable to those of IBM’s PCs. In contrast to Dell Computer and Gateway 2000, Compaq hired veteran engineers with an average of 15 years experience, which lent credibility to Compaq’s reputation of reliability among customers. Under Canion’s direction, Compaq sold computers only through dealers to avoid potential competition that a direct sales channel would foster, which helped foster loyalty among resellers.

By giving dealers considerable leeway in pricing Compaq’s offerings, either a significant markup for more profits or discount for more sales, dealers had a major incentive to advertise Compaq. 329 million from 150,000 PCs, and became the youngest-ever firm to make the Fortune 500. Two key marketing executives in Compaq’s early years, Jim D’Arezzo and Sparky Sparks, had come from IBM’s PC Group. Other key executives responsible for the company’s meteoric growth in the late 80s and early 90s were Ross A. The soft-spoken Canion was popular with employees and the culture that he built helped Compaq to attract the best talent. At semi-annual meetings, turnout was high as any employee could ask questions to senior managers. In 1987, company co-founder Bill Murto resigned to study at a religious education program at the University of St.

Murto had helped to organize the company’s marketing and authorized-dealer distribution strategy, and held the post of senior vice president of sales since June 1985. Murto was succeeded by Ross A. Cooley would report to Michael S. In November 1982, Compaq announced their first product, the Compaq Portable, a portable IBM PC compatible personal computer. 2995, considerably more affordable than the Canadian Hyperion.