Merger and acquisition case study in malaysia

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Type or merger and acquisition case study in malaysia a DOI name into the text box. Team A team of accomplished mining industry professionals from all over the world. Pala develops research driven, top-down investment themes to arrive at differentiated views on markets and value.

Bringing together a team with diverse backgrounds in investing, trading, forecasting and operating mines to build robust investing strategies. Pala identified cobalt when it was trading near record lows as a key beneficiary of its internal view of electrification and batteries. Pala’s flexible investment mandate allows capital to be quickly deployed in areas that maximize value – often where others can’t. Responding to the absence of investment opportunities in cobalt, owing to its role as a byproduct metal, Pala successfully built a portfolio of physical metal and royalties that was used to seed Cobalt 27. Entering the physical cobalt market allowed Pala to gain price exposure ahead of rising prices while running parallel efforts to develop an investable cobalt vehicle.

Cobalt 27 is listed on the TSX-V providing the broader investment community with the only investment option of scale to get exposure to the cobalt investment theme. Creating a publicly traded cobalt equity provided Pala with the liquidity required to manage and diversify its investment exposure. Pala is a supportive shareholder, lending its in depth knowledge of the cobalt market and in-house capabilities to enable Cobalt 27 to execute on its phase II business plan of undertaking cobalt streaming transactions. Pala recognizes the value of a top caliber management team in making an investment successful.

The management team at Concord was formed from the chief traders at Noble’s former LME metals trading group. Excellent track record and long history of working together. The existing relationships and know-how to execute from day one. Pala helped provide the capital required to seed the business into global operations. New opportunities: Expands Pala’s global contact network and has served as a productive source of new investment opportunities.

Portfolio benefits:Concord’s experience in marketing, logistics and risk management has been utilized across Pala’s portfolio to benefit our investee companies. 500m to date in financing lines on attractive terms. The company was involved in a dispute with the Government of Sierra Leone regarding an outstanding government loan. Its assets had been chronically neglected of investment and maintenance, and the company was loss-making. Pala has been the driving force behind the success of Sierra Rutile. Upon its initial investment, Pala was quick to understand the value opportunity, and was hugely supportive in the development of our strategic plan, the institutionalization of change, and the optimization of business processes and controls.