Nih grant submission cover letter

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Provides evidence and resources to identify, counsel, and support patients. Provides resources to improve diabetes nih grant submission cover letter in an evolving health care delivery system. The information provided is informed by NIDDK research and reviewed by health professionals.

NIH separates the review process from funding decisions. For Reviewers Reviewers are critical to our mission to see that NIH grant applications receive, fair, independent, expert, and timely reviews. We appreciate the generosity with which reviewers give their time. Policy The latest news and policy updates from CSR. Read about our outreach programs and publications. Reasons to Use an Assignment Request Form Suggest we assign your application to a particular scientific review group. Let us know of potential reviewers who you feel might be in conflict with your application.

Describe the expertise needed to review your application. Suggesting a Scientific Review Group We designed our review groups to have some overlap, so more than one might have the expertise to review your application. You may express a preference and we will try to accommodate your request if it is appropriate and possible. Our scientific staff make the final assignment after they carefully consider your suggestions and explanations in light of NIH policies. There are a number of ways to identify an appropriate study section: You can search for a CSR review group by searching for topics or using the CSR Assisted Referral Tool.

Examine recent study section rosters to gauge the scope of the group. Note that rosters change over time as we recruit reviewers based on the scientific content of the applications. These individuals usually attend meetings of review groups and can share their insight. Please pay attention to recent applications and be aware that our study section guidelines are regularly updated. Requesting Assignments to Awarding Components You can also request that your application be assigned to an awarding component you think would have the most interest in your research.

It’s a good idea to contact one or more program officers for guidance before you submit. You can identify NIH program officers via staff listings on NIH institute and center web sites. Helping Ensure Your Review is Unbiased and Appropriate Identify potential reviewers you think might be in conflict with your application. Include the short abbreviation of the study section you wish to request. List individuals who you believe should not review your application and why.