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Paper Database Thermtest has compiled the world’s largest thermal conductivity academic paper database. All research papers are searchable by authors, keywords, and titles. A large portion of the thermal properties research papers database research paper database is dedicated to the Hot Disk Transient Plane Source.

This technique offers the widest application diversity of any thermal conductivity technique available, this is represented by the more the 1000 papers represented in the database! Explore the world’s largest thermal conductivity paper database. 50 years he has published over 75 papers, inspiring countless further research projects as his work has been cited more than 1200 times. Mattias Gustavsson earned his PhD in 2000 from the Chalmers University of Technology and has spent his career working with the Hot Disk TPS products in the field of thermal conductivity.

Yi He is most recently known for his extensive research on the thermal characterization of electronic packaging materials, for Intel. He graduated from Sichuan University with a BSc in Solid State Physics and then went on to earn his MSc in Physics at the University of Waterloo. Thermal Conductivity Paper Database Dale P. Bijan Adl-Zarrabi Bijan Adl-Zarrabi graduated from the Chalmers University of Technology in 1989. Presently, Adl-Zarrabi holds a position as Research Group Leader at the Chalmers University of Technology, for the division of Building and Technology. Chia-Jyi Liu Chia-Jyi Liu graduated from John’s Hopkins University in 1991, where he earned his Ph. Celzard received a Master’s Degree in Chemical Physics in 1992, and a PhD in Materials Science in 1995.

Antonio Pizzi is an Industrial Research Chemist at the University of Lorraine. Thermal Conductivity Paper Database Featured Author Dr. Dinwiddie received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Physics from Stockton University, and later received his M. Physics, at the University of Delaware. Daniel Cederkrantz earned his PhD in material science from the Chalmers University of Technology. Hsin Wang has built a distinguished career in Research and Development, with the scattering and thermophysics group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Lars Wadsö After developing an interest in science and engineering from a very young age, Dr. Subscription Databases Free on National Archives Computers Use these links on a National Archives facility computer to access these subscription-only websites for free. Free access can also often be found from local public and university libraries. If you use the same link from outside the National Archives facility, there will be a fee.