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National DNA Day commemorates the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003 and the discovery of the double helix of DNA in 1953. This six word essay teacher’s DNA Day will be on Thursday, April 25, 2019. 14th Annual DNA Day Essay Contest! This contest is open to students in grades 9-12 worldwide and asks students to examine, question, and reflect on important concepts in genetics.

Essays are expected to be well-reasoned arguments indicative of a depth of understanding of the concepts related to the essay question. They are evaluated by ASHG members through three rounds of scoring. The submission website for this year’s contest is now closed. Thank you to those who partipated in this year’s contest. Winners and honorable mentions will be announced on Thursday, April 25. If you have any questions, please email DNA Day. Did you know that the DNA Day Essay Contest won an award?

We are pleased to share that this contest has received an ASAE Power of A Silver Award! These awards recognize a select number of organizations annually that distinguish themselves with innovative, effective, and broad-reaching programs that positively impact the United States and the world. There’s more you can do to celebrate DNA Day than by entering our contest. Look through our DNA Day Activities page to learn how you can get involved.

Winners and honorable mentions will be announced here on April 25. His genetic counselor, Karen, seeks Jonathan’s consent to disclose this diagnosis to his daughter, Sarah, who is 25. Jonathan refuses to allow Karen or anyone else on the medical staff to reveal this diagnosis to Sarah. Want more information about Huntington’s Disease?

The Huntington’s Disease Society of America and Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization are great places to start. Parents may only submit the essays of home-schooled students. Only one entry may be submitted for each student. Each teacher may only submit six student essays per class, for up to three classes. Essays must be submitted electronically through the ASHG submission site no later than 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on March 8, 2019. Essays mailed, faxed, or emailed to the Society will NOT be accepted. Once submitted, essays cannot be changed or revised.