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Union List of United Methodist Serials, 1773-1973, comp. Union List of Serials in Libraries of the United States and Canada, ed. Each number will contain one or more original cuts to illustrate and enforce some subject discussed or fact stated in the number. It will be devoted to the organization and support of the Cold Water Army. Its size and mechanical execution very much resemble that of Merry’s Museum. Cold Water Army and Youth’s Picnic.

Prospectus of the Cold Water Army and Youth’s Picnic. A History of Children’s Secular Magazines Published in the United States from 1789-1899. Dover, New Hampshire: Trustees of the Freewill Baptist Connection. The Sabbath School Repository was published in 1841, but was discontinued at the end of a year.

1848, publisher at 86 Baltimore St. The design of the work, more particularly, is to instil into the minds of children and youth, a love for literature, and the editor will feel himself highly flattered, by receiving suitable articles for insertion, especially from the juvenile portion of our readers. It is well filled with wholesome matter for the juvenile mind. Our friend Hickman has talent enough in his own family to fill a monthly, even larger than the Mirror. This work was commenced last January in Pittsburgh, and is now published in this city . Smith, has, we understand, met with great encouragement. The Youth’s Magazine and Juvenile Harp.

New York, New York: publisher at 135 Nassau St. He has lost the power of speech in preaching the word of life, but still wishes to be useful, and provide for the wants of his family, and has resorted to this commendable course to accomplish these desirable objects. Youth’s Family Instructor and Sunday School Visitor. Youth’s Family Instructor and Sunday School Visiter .