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First we start with a discussion on personal codes. I give them the lottery theme essay case studies of kids who were involved with the lawpetty theft, reckless driving, and cheating.

In groups we discuss the fairness of the punishments. It is true however, that I did not do any ‘mind-set’ preparation before having them read it. The ‘tribal’ nature of any small community. The concepts of magic and superstition and their place in society. All of the above can be easily connected to our own society. Choose whatever examples you think work.

If nothing else, the discussion should be very lively. By the way, there is a film which is very loosely based onthe story which might be useful. One of my students said that she felt tension among all this peaceful description of nature I didn’t let on to the strange twist. The next lesson, I read the rest to them. Sharon Nussbacher Note: Don’t miss Sharon’s worksheets and tests! I HAVE USED IT A NUMBER OF TIMES, FOR “CULTURAL RELATIVITY” AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL EXPLORATION. AFTER ALL, THIS WAS A RITE, HOWEVER DASTARDLY THE OUTCOMES.

SHIRLEY JACKSON WAS JEWISH –DID YOU KNOW? Often, pupils finish it on their own. Barbara Doron Note: Don’t miss Barbara’s excellent lesson plans and worksheets! Setting- Small American town, at the end of June. In many parts of the United States, spring rather than summer , cultural connotations: small town life in U. Cue Cards on blackboard with words and phrases written largely enough so that pupils can read. Pupils are given pages with words scattered over the page in no particular order.

Teacher asks pupils to circle two words. The winner of the game is the pupil who finishes the game without having circled words crossed out. Teacher gives definitions, pupils must cross out words which teacher defines. Teacher leaves two words undefined at the end of the game. No discussion after reading to maintain tension.