Thesis in linguistics

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An overview of the program, contact information, application deadlines and requirements can be found by visiting the programs’ websites. Areas of emphasis Literature: Spanish American and U. Are you interested in understanding how languages function in the lives of individuals and communities? Do you thesis in linguistics to develop informed expectations for language teaching and learning across different student populations?

The MA in Applied Linguistics provides a collaborative and welcoming learning environment where you will examine how languages are learned and used, as well as what roles they play in society. Courses are divided into three clusters that allow you to cultivate a broad knowledge base in language, theories of learning, and second language pedagogy. Our researchers also include the incoming President of the American Association of Applied Linguistics and a Canada Research Chair. Benefit from a multilingual urban setting that includes a high proportion of trilingual youth. The City of Montreal is an ideal location to explore issues related to language policy, politics, teaching and use.