Thesis paper on 1984

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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. ABSTRACT Fish weirs, or semi-permanent traps aimed at the thesis paper on 1984 of aquatic resources, occur throughout the eastern seaboard of North America. Many, perhaps hundreds, are of prehistoric construction. Their existence is virtually unrecognized in the archaeological literature for eastern North America, potentially resulting in inadequate reconstructions of subsistence and settlement patterns in this region.

Note This is the text of my thesis as it was written in 1992. John Connaway’s Fishweirs – A World Perspective. Charlie was particularly helpful in helping me to locate sources of information pertaining to southeastern archaeology. For minor but necessary contributions, I gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the New Jersey State Museum staff, and the various archaeologists who have served in the Army Corps of Engineers, New York District over the years. Last but not least, I owe perhaps my greatest debt to my fellow graduate students, too numerous to name, who not only provided me with tips on sources and other useful information, but also maintained the creative, supportive, and cooperative environment necessary for my completing such a task.