Trainee financial advisor cover letter

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The first paragraph of your letter should mention the specific internship you hope to get. Many financial companies have large-scale internship programs, with opportunities ranging across departments and divisions. Specifics help as well, so mention the name of your school if you are an undergrad or in graduate school. If you have a personal connection—for instance, if you know someone at the company or met the recruiter at a job fair—be sure to mention it trainee financial advisor cover letter the first paragraph.

In the body of your email, include details on relevant coursework or projects, as well as previous finance-related work experience, volunteer positions, or prior internships. Your letter should demonstrate your familiarity with the company and its goals, and make it clear why you would be a good candidate for the internship. If this is your first internship, you may feel like you don’t have any relevant experience to highlight. Be sure to format your cover letter properly and, before sending your cover letter, proofread it carefully. Paying attention to these details can make a big difference in how your message is received.