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By true patriot essay one-fifth of the population of the thirteen colonies was of African ancestry, and almost 95 percent of the African descendants were slaves. Beginning with the Boston Massacre in 1770 and lasting for the duration of the war, African Americans played a major role in the American struggle for independence.

As such a large percentage of the American population, both slaves and free blacks were militarily vital to the American and British causes. Access to the following articles is available only to subscribers. You can change your cookie settings at any time. This page is maintained by Harold Wood. If so, please send information or a demo to me for evaluation. Favorites – Albums with a  symbol indicates songs or albums that I think are exceptionally outstanding! If you’d like to hear some of these Earth Songs, go to Audio Sources.

A lovely song written by bluegrass artist Gillian Welch, about “Just a simple flower so small and plain. Singing about “The fairest bloom the mountain know” the song tells the flower’s life story, and in so doing, gives a message of hope for everyone. Air Mail Pollution” by Dan Berggren, on his album Mountain Air. John Denver on his Different Directions album, as well as the John Muir Tribute CD.