Workplace diversity thesis statement

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The main focus of this paper is workplace diversity thesis statement get an insight of workplace diversity. Managing diversity is about planning and implementation of organizational practices and systems for the management of people so that the possible benefits of diversity are maximized whereas its potential shortcomings are minimized. Thesis Statement: Diversity management is a process aimed to build and sustain a positive work environment where both the differences and similarities of individuals are valued, in order that all can attain their potentiality and make the most of their contributions to strategic objectives and goals of an organization.

The range of differences among workforce in an organization is referred to as workplace diversity. It has been suggested by research that within a workgroup, diversity with respect to demographic backgrounds of members can have a powerful impact on on both turnover from the group and on the performance of group on cognitive tasks. DIVERSITY IN THE WORKFORCE INTRODUCTION: There is a growing and continuous interest in workplace diversity within management and organization studies. Workforce 2000, which alerted organizations to the dramatic demographic changes that were in the process of transforming the North American workforce.

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